• eusmaph 32w

    Melody of the Siren

    Against the wall
    Face upwards
    A sigh of sadness escapes
    As the melody of the siren
    Greets yet again

    The story starts about a war
    War on both sides
    And an ache so familiar
    That wants to give up

    Stuck in a desert
    One with a rainbow arch
    And ever so welcoming
    The other not so hospitable
    And ever so abandoned

    The war with the abandoned
    Is not winning and
    As the days pass
    The war with the rainbow arch
    Doesn't seem any better

    No matter which desert or war
    I am on the losing side
    My will slowly liberating itself
    From living and onto death
    What welcoming hands
    And all the ease that just seems so bliss

    "Forget the war that the mind wages
    On the two deserts — one of rainbows
    And other so dry"
    Said a voice
    It commands me into its welcoming arms
    And yet a small voice
    At the very back
    So feeble and soft
    Almost unheard
    Asks me to wait and try again

    And so passes another day
    Into a week
    Into a month
    Soon months have crossed
    And the voice still calls
    Like a siren
    I want to jump into it's welcoming arms
    And sleep
    For a very long time
    But I don't

    I start again
    And again
    Before asking myself
    How long till I give
    Into the melody of the sweet siren
    My only fear being
    That one day
    It would be far too gone
    The war long forgotten
    And me in the arms of the sweet siren
    Sleeping finally in peace

    I had given up...
    Into the melody of the siren