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    Happy not-even-a-solid-month-until Halloween everybody! ������ Here's a horror story for you anyway ����‍♀️
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    (Bite) A Zombie Left Behind

    Overcome with a harrowing
    and unearthly childhood affliction-
    as a young girl, she had something taken
    from her heart; a bite that caught the meat
    between sharp and slimy teeth-
    a piece of her eaten
    by a monstrous predator. Now,
    an adult, with a man who loves her,
    she cannot kiss him
    without her lips going cold;
    she cannot express her affection
    without thrusting her life into limbo;
    she cannot make physical love
    without her body turning gray,
    her skin peeling off her hands and face,
    her insides rotting and falling out
    of the hollow hole between her legs.
    A zombie, dropping chunks
    of skin and sex organs
    onto the floor as she runs,
    bloodying the wood with her footprints-
    naked in the autumn soaked forest,
    she loses a piece of a finger,
    a knee, a small intestine winds itself
    into the hands of tree branches.
    She quickly snaps it off of her body
    like a strand of loose thread
    and continues to race, to kill
    the feeling of dread spreading
    between and up her hips,
    the memories causing her body
    to destroy itself like a disease.
    She lays what's left
    of her languid tendons down
    into a pile of damp
    and freshly fallen leaves,
    and wept as she fell into
    a fetal position, the detached limbs
    like ghosts she could still feel
    pressed against her chest and stomach.
    The stars shone bright above her
    as her heart began to bleed,
    and she knew it would be over soon.
    She then stopped crying
    and listened to the world of the night;
    listened as her skin fell to the ground,
    her blood drained away
    like a hose against the grass,
    her heart as it finally plopped
    loudly, heavily, out of her cracked ribcage.
    She released one more
    distraught exhalation
    before her mind and soul expired,
    her eyes closed into sweet death,
    leaving a trail of body parts behind.
    Her lover follows, but never finds her...

    And when he returns, she is home-
    bones reattached and cheeks as red
    as a freshly picked apple,
    as alive as she was the morning before...

    Sobbing together, he kisses
    her warm forehead
    and apologizes again and again
    for the curse her body was under
    before he could ever help her.
    She drifts off to sleep in clean sheets,
    while her heart beats and remembers,
    holding on to the infernal bite
    her mind is not ready to find; only then
    will this miserable transformation,
    this routine of torment and ritual
    of violation end. Until then,
    she moves through making love
    as an archaic zombie girl-
    confused, anguished,
    and haunted by the life
    that was snatched away from her
    too fast.