• jaya___ 14w

    //Harlequin sky soars
    Spring, rains, snow make earth so pure
    Each season blesses
    Eternal Flora, fauna
    Birthing blooming petrichor.//

    A Tanka poem is only 5 lines with syllables in each line in the order 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.

    Hey friends!

    Here's a contest for y'all! Weekend's here, so I guess there must be some time on your hands!

    The contest is as below:

    1. Write TWO TANKAS. (Theme as you per your sweet wish)

    2. Mention TWO accounts (you can mention me or yourself too) but strictly two, which you want newbees here to read. Also mention what's the USP of these accounts in strictly ONE line.

    Use hashtag #contest_j

    Submission till Monday morning �� winners announcement on Tuesday.

    Do tag your friends and favorites.


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