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    Human connection was lost long before the pandemic
    Humanity is dissolved and gone yet higly academic
    Our sweetness as honey only favours with money
    We are a crowd yet it is forever lonely

    A global network of communication
    Yet pure lack of understanding
    Advanced in technology
    Only weaponised to annihilate

    The pandemic shone light to who we are
    United in a disjointed form of un-oneness
    The distance made a yearn for connection
    That we had lost since the technological age

    We are robotised and evolve less human
    Glued to the screen of self-destruction
    Lost in a world that was long found
    Together yet very alone

    I yearn for understanding our race
    I yearn for the growth of culture
    I yearn for all positive vibes
    I yearn wishes were true

    I'm lost in a dream
    Where love is more than an emoji
    Im lost in a dream
    Where human connection is stronger than the internet
    I'm lost in a dream
    Where humamity is perfect in its own imperfections

    I'm lost in a dream which to wake from I want not
    For the real realm is bitter and broken
    Where the glass is always half empty
    And where darkness covers the broad daylight

    I hope humanity will save the humans
    For the humans to save the race
    A race with dignity
    Dignity with pure connection to humanity

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    I'm lost in a dream that I wnant to wakeup not
    And enjoy the peace of its lost calmness
    Living as a free spirit