• kingdomdelight 18w

    Portrait Poetry

    New birth, in Christ, strongly spring forth and buds
    as Almon-everlastin'-Aaron-Spring-buds
    Tenderly soft, the white-everlastin'-weddin'-gown
    Love a heavenly pink fragrance, milk and honey, runs bountifully from the weddin' hem down
    The Groom, a glorious beautiful warm Sun, righteously, bright, in awestruck!
    Steps in splendor, gracefully out from an everlastin' lovin' chamber

    The heat of "new birth" summer love, hatches sudden hateful evil basilisk eggs
    Unwanted mother-in-laws, been hatched, from dry barren ground, on two unstable legs
    Smells like animal fear,
    an old yellow page of rotten forgotten newspapers, soaked in self pitty tears
    Unstable been tossed in unbelief, 'round 'nd 'round, in the waves of the adversary wind

    Autum's faithful colour changes, kissed, winter's righteous right finger of love
    Freshly strong, the cut and carved smells of wood, newly furniture arose, those made out of love
    All around, newly birted, brothers and sisters, rich in flavour spring UP like sudden mushrooms
    God's glory suddenly all around ...BOOM !
    Love the strongest fragrance!
    Love the most glorious touch, from above!
    Love binds all together, in amazing godly love!