• 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    There are golden boundaries,
    Melting inside her bones.
    And polychromatic skies,
    Dissolving around her eyes.
    When she smiles colors bloom,
    A little like charming daisies,
    And a lot like sunflowers.
    She brews art inside her soul,
    And paints grief over skylines.
    And she looks like an angel
    We hear about in old fairytales.
    Or maybe in the mythology of greek.
    Constellations whirl around her,
    Melancholy burst into happiness.
    She blaze like a million suns,
    And mourns like a dying star.

    Hey sadiah! you are amazing. Happiest birthday to you. I wish you loads and loads of happiness and warmest skies. You are one of the most beautiful and kindest person i’ve ever met. stay like this, okay?
    Enjoy your day. cheers! ��

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the like!
    Everyone loves you Diah :")��

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    Oh to kiss the silent voids while simply adorning the presence of a person.