• myblackandwhiteverses 59w

    I am an abandoned building with
    few birds visiting me after sunsets.
    Sometimes kids enter
    through the front door
    to search for a lost cricket ball
    and Other times they search
    the broken pieces of toys
    in the coloured boxes in my attic.
    The clock is still counting the seconds
    to crosscheck my life span.
    Near to the ribcage staircase,
    there is A large room painted
    with crimson red and still
    playing an old melody.
    Arcane emotions and feelings
    scrawling and doodling
    poems and paintings on the walls.
    Some crumbled sheets of confidence
    muttering about the muted muse.
    The folded blankets of memories
    stacked over the corner of the room
    to cover the soul in the shivering
    Winters of loneliness.
    The dusty curtains of trauma
    cobweb of regrets
    a mirror of imperfections and
    lanterns of dreams adorned the room.
    At the centre,an ocean of love
    is confined in a box of occult.
    Cosmic clouds showering stars
    to bloom the galaxy on the terrace.
    Sunlight draping dangled flowers
    on the cornea painted glasses
    and rejoicing spring at sunsets.
    My miseries warapped inside the
    black sheets of nights
    where the silver bowl of moon
    pouring serenity through the windows.
    Abandoned, but astonished
    by this alluring solitude
    to reverberate the inner voices of my soul
    in the valleys of my muffled mind.

    #firstperson #wod

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