• _sad_ia_quad_ir_ 50w

    Been long, and I am sorry for vanishing. I would get back to all of you I promise.

    P.s: I don't know what's this (or maybe I do). Just that I woke up with this in my head. And help me write maybe? Suggest a topic? I so want to write but cannot. I would love to attempt though.

    And I know that it's probably shit. But I just wanted to give my thought words. I don't know. And I know I spoiled it.

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    Just before I jumped off the roof
    I got my head busied on thinking
    About all the miserable times
    Until it wasn't something I had adored
    But just a big ugly dumpster
    I had been carrying all the shits in
    Placed heavily above my neck...
    And as I inched closer to the ground
    And kept thinking
    I abhorred it even more
    I inched closer
    And the moment
    The dumpster hit the ground
    And the red dark liquid
    Gushed out
    All I could see were the junks,
    Splashed out of my skull..
    And as I lied there
    Waiting for the pain to end
    There came a faint memory
    A memory..
    I could have lived for..