• harvest_of_mind 90w

    @shrihari_nandini An attempt to explain origin of universe and Maya. According to Adwaita, God.. seen through mind, appears as matter.

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    Beam of God

    The beam of God divine..
    enters the prism of mind,
    scatters into rainbow of universe..
    with hues, names and forms diverse.

    The dead matter obeys laws as sacred-lines,
    mind defies the laws... physics defines,
    the conscious bestows freedom of action..
    to change the future destined.
    Mind gets the lively shine...
    as moon borrows light.. and glows pristine,
    or as a gem by external light... dazzles bright.
    Mind's glow percolates through soma,
    soma moves around with lively aura.
    Mind alas.. gets captivated by panorama--
    .. the spectra of colours and lively drama.

    Beauty of matter is obtained by-chance..
    or is derived from efforts of mind.
    Mind's freedom is limited by matter's bind.
    A very few desire to find...
    the original source of freedom--
    The spirit... sans another, one of the kind,
    ...beyond apparently live body and mind.