• xyl_ayvlis 30w

    The days was sold to uncovered man
    He was ashamed of himself in the light
    And longed for the night to cover him;

    He was wished a humming of trees
    Oh! and grass though! press under his feet,
    Weather to freeze his spine and break his bone;

    He had a string to measure a time that floated before
    And worn a coat of the dead woman he found
    He washed a metal that stank with blood;

    He walked on the road he was deceived with,
    Maybe the path he deserved lost all the way
    Wait! What might be the end?

    Mountains and valleys piled up as he go,
    He questioned the answers he got
    Poor, pathetic him! Silly him!

    He just not kind, that's his kind
    He haunted objects with a metal he washed
    With tears and fears;

    He was a kid, he was adorable
    He still a kid and he still adorable
    In the eyes of the pure souls, Yes he!

    #poetry #darkpoetry

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