• ade___ 25w

    Morning Moorings

    The process of a room brightening up
    Skies getting bluer- a shade of yellow gleams through
    And a dash of orange rushes in
    I've been waiting for you to smile all night
    For so long and I lie awaiting your return.
    When you look at me with that bright half arch
    Arrangement of teeth
    Like the rising sun I've come to look at you
    With a kind of hope that brings me joy
    And I wish so much to touch you now
    Hold you close and wrap you in my arms
    But we're so far away
    That only light moors her anchors upon our shores
    And these gazes only make my heart ache
    So I try to sleep at sunrises
    And wake up when you're far up into the bright white sky
    Nearing noon and far far farther away from me
    As I care not to look at you
    And close all my windows shut.
    I keep me cold in the little dark you've left me.