• tamanna3 6w

    Dear Sky,

    Everytime I gaze in your direction, I can't but look up at your face, so much like the rest of the world- multi-faced, and yet the human in me wishes to count on you, half-hesitantly, supposing one of the many possibilities of not being let down by the seemingly 'closest to knowing entity' of the many unknowns in the salubrious list that we- humans, don't like to address as 'superstitions'.
    I know that's one long statement to be a first, but we share a long history, don't we? Everytime we exchange glances, I discover a part of me in you. Birds in flight seem to draw invisible maps on your face; and as much as I try to unravel these transparent threads to build a whole image, soldiers in white threaten to endanger the little peace I've gathered because my life is an open book, and you, the sole reader.
    As I learn and relearn your many faces, I can't but accept, how every emotion in my mind is like a replica of the many repeating sigmoid waves that streak purple zigzags across your face. Dear sky, it's not just me, but the entire human race, who look up to you, with a million prayers in their mind and yet the only word that forms on their lips, spell the name of their god of faith. Won't you be a little generous today?

    © tamanna3


    Finally my mind could rest, though it's still a bit chaotic.

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