• bharathkoli 13w

    The Post Corona Trauma
    This article exclusively focuses on the keynotes about the effect of social media and how to overcome them and get the last train to reach humanity before it is too late. One average person spends nearly 5-6 hours seeing that blue illuminated phone screen which gives one physical damage and even that can be repaired. But unknowingly everyone in this time, are silently carried away into a rabbit hole which has terror and sorrow at the end. Humanity’s biggest fear, threat, lies in everybody’s hand which gets smarter day by day making humans dumber every second.
    The Social Media:
    People like to boast about what they do, where they go and how they live. This is considered to be normal social behavior but that is also a red flag. Everybody who lives in this technologically advanced world were running in a fear called FOMO (Fear of Missing out). This makes one do crazy things like taking dangerous selfies (Why one’s last wish to be so pathetic, seeing his face before dying) to be present in all social media platforms available. (I heard one boy is sending friend requests in google pay and all.) People show interest in social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat so on and it is considered to be a privilege to have so many virtual friends. This behavior is suicidal. Why it is suicidal? Because people who think they are the superior beings sadly could not find the difference between editing and real; what they show and how they live; life is to live and not to impress and so on. One after surfing for an hour in Instagram feels so low once when he logs out and tries to match what he saw on the screen without knowing the truth. People don’t understand that they are being forced to see what others wanted to show them and not their true selves. We are taught not to compare ourselves with anybody but one ends up comparing and also feels insecure once after seeing other people’s lives. We are always comparing our imperfect lives to the most sophisticated complied perfect content which seems a never-ending battle. If this is not agreeable read the next point.

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