• asphodel_ 66w

    Love me like you do!

    Hands are dangling
    woading the smile of yours
    and my deeds are howling
    where are you lost?

    Tell them I'm in you
    breathing your melancholy,
    so my fingers forage the cue
    painting my bones with holy !

    It was an ordinary night,
    Everyone being busy in them.
    Moon glittering as always,
    Night peeping through my sleep ,
    The same ceiling, a victim of my abide,
    Still something was missing.

    Turning over the bed, a pillow came to sight,
    It was not just a pillow, but
    A book of memories
    craving you in my life.
    It was not just a pillow, but
    A garden of tulips
    smelling like you.

    Turning over again, tears rolled down
    Scoffingly, they left a silent smile,
    A smile, gifted by you
    A smile, you adored
    But it seems to happen ages ago,
    when you and me, hid under the same roof.

    Walking along the boundaries,
    that window pane left me stir.
    Making me think, if you still remember it?
    Cuddling together, we played with the falling rain,
    the shine of that happiness,
    I could still see on your face.
    But it seems to happen ages ago
    when you took me into your heavenly arms.

    Never I thought,
    night can be so cruel.
    Leaving me and these walls alone,
    with memories of :

    Those gleamy eyes,
    which always seemed desperate for a glimpse of mine.

    that pretty nose,
    which was a daily fare of my jag.

    those fluffy cheeks,
    which used to glue with mine.

    those petaled lips,
    which I used to water with amor.

    that voice,
    which always pissed me to ripple.

    that smile,
    which always shook my heart.

    that bosom,
    which always kept me near it.

    and that spirit,
    which always carved my soul,
    healing all scars
    the one, which made me it's own.

    These memories,
    I have been embellishing every night,
    Hoping one day,
    these won't be flashback anymore.

    The day when,
    those curtains will again let the light pass through,
    the pillow will again become a pillow,
    the ceiling will be a victim of our love,
    the moon will blush, seeing us
    and the nights will peep into my sleep, but with you.

    Closing my eyes,
    alone with this dreaded darkness .
    Rhythmically alike every night
    started living in a world
    which is no more real.