• whatamess 214w

    I lost my home

    I don't read that often now.
    I can't concentrate.
    I lost my beloved musty home.

    I don't write that often now.
    Emotions are better left unexpressed.
    I lost my creative fervent home.

    I don't listen to music that often now.
    I yearn for silence.
    I lost my lovely melodious home.

    I don't dance that often now.
    I don't feel that same enthusiasm anymore.
    I lost my overly exuberant home.

    I don't weave dreams that often now.
    Because once shattered, they prick my soul from the very core.
    I lost my exciting colourful home.

    I don't interact with much people that often now.
    My crippled heart put guards up.
    I lost my cheerful happy home.

    I lost you.
    I lost my home.