• steffy2110 29w

    My Stardust Muse

    From the depths of the shadows,
    I sense your warm embrace engulfing
    Holding me against the heaves of your chest
    fuzzy like a bear hug, floating like sailing on the cloud
    Keeping me safe from the wild, your hold tightens around me
    Each of your shallow breathes in the slumber, gently stirs the strands around my nape, cooling the skin under, giving me the tiny flutters
    That everytime draws a sweet curve across my cheeks
    And I can't help but caress your heart with my sweet touch of lips
    I want to stay just like this, safe and loved in your arms
    Wish we could lay on this neverland, gazing at the sparkling stars,
    making more wishes to the wishing star
    To cease and drink it all, until the spell breaks
    But I fear, you retracting to stardust, and back into the shadows, if I raise the curtains of my gaze!