• illicit_skunk 23w

    jam on the toast

    'who you have
    at end of the day,
    the <it's just a> phase
    or a lifetime <of having continuously
    slipped on banana peels>
    - is yourself.
    this piece of information is well seated
    at the back of our minds
    but hardly comes into play
    during trying times.
    the trick to 'doing justice to your higher self'
    and resetting your tracks
    lies in the conditioning of your subconscious
    to upgrade your survival skills.'

    written above, is a prelude
    to the mental health advice
    that i keep spreading like jam
    over people like me -
    who've been toasted well by life
    and by the daily internal strife.
    the key to the materialisation
    of imagined circumstances
    is - to latch on to the after taste
    of something you haven't yet got a taste of.

    72 hours
    without a wink of sleep
    makes you see things
    that don't exist -
    but you are delusional anyway
    so why not turn a blind eye
    to the sandcastle that your mental health is
    and attempt to make the world
    slightly better for others.

    hope this piece finds you
    in a tranquil mental state,
    if not -
    all i can be is sorry.