• daffodilpearlzz 10w

    Fallen for fall

    "When leaves fall in autumn, I too wear a brown blanket around my dried heart", the first conversation I had with nature started and concluded in this line. I printed those words on a paper's laps.

    Yes, 'tis true that summer is a vibe
    An energy that we forgot about
    A perfection that the universe owns
    A full-stop for every year; every revolution.

    Yes, 'tis a fact that spring is varicolored
    The flowers don't forget to arrive this month
    A jamboree; made every once in 365 days
    A ceremony of harmony and co-existence.

    Yes, 'tis never told that snowfalls too bring joy.
    Winter freezes dismay every year in december,
    when christmas fills the gap between our bonds.
    Snow drapes all imperfections; hides sorrows.

    But still it can be denied not; that I fall for fall;
    when trees stand as a crooked witch's broomstick
    and welkins open out to every trace of solitude
    Dismays get celebrated; hearts get opened.

    Autumn: a submission of woe for every poet
    A time for artists to open their brown color box
    A time for musicians to slow their rhythms
    A time for the clock to pause the time in itself.

    In the avenues of silence, for a little while
    solitude will dress itself in tawny brown
    Maple leaves will replace lavenders and roses
    Autumn will welcome my heart to its welkin.

    ~ I love autumn because a dried tree looks more beautiful than a green bushy one when I draw it on a paper. ~

    ~ I love autumn because my drawings which were frozen in the month of fall seem more beautiful than all others. ~

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Tue 16 Nov 2021