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    How Many Lives He Lives

    He talks to inanimate things
    maybe he lives in them.
    What the golden strings and white beds
    say above,
    he sings in his poesies.
    He paints his poetry
    from the shades of firmament
    and compares the love of two failed lovers
    to the horizon,
    where both seemed together
    but were never meant to be.

    He lives as silence
    in dark, dreary corners
    then dying in tumultuous chaos
    and next day,
    he narrates the tales he heard
    of dust capped childhood toys
    and of obscured cries of the housewife
    but they went unheard
    as everyone was busy contributing
    to the chaos
    louder than those sweetly harsh rhymes.

    He is alive in his own phrases,
    his words modulate the readers mind
    that sometimes it rains out of dolour,
    that smile is just a mask,
    that the Sun sets to weep
    under the shadow,
    as another day it failed to find its love
    and that someone became a selenophile
    'cause too much light blinded them
    and moon became the only hope
    in their dark world.

    So for every life the writer lived
    he must have died too
    how many times he died
    before dying as a writer
    to be a writer?

    /you have to die in them, to create a living poetry/