• shakti_1967 167w


    The sky is now so clear and peaceful
    We can look through the luminous blue.
    It's so smooth,velvety & wonderful
    We can't help but admire the hue.

    The sun finds a way back to his labyrinth
    Leaving behind an aura foggy & dusky.
    Soon the moon will reach it's zenith
    Bringing with it an climate wan & wintry..

    The birds will fly back to their nests
    Before the sky becomes dark & featureless...
    Some ordinarily unaffected dressed in their best.
    Will celebrate ignoring life being careless..

    Some will be out there very broody
    Lost in the glasses smoke–stained
    And when it becomes very hazy
    They'll walk back home in thoughts stormy

    The world soon will become eerie and peaceful
    Calming at the same time yet fearful..
    The world will seem mystic and surreal
    Yet not everything will be so real.

    Being in the shade of a comforter
    We will be glad of surviving ...
    And as the days get harder
    We will brace ourselves and continue living...

    Many evenings will come so ethereal
    With dazzling skies & sparkling stars..
    Amazed by this beauty superficial
    We'll again walk of in the journey of life wars...