• elina_menera 25w

    When you feel something is steering up within you
    You haven't let go of what happened in the past...
    You haven't let go of that terrible sight
    That bothers you every time
    There is something that happened before that you ran away from that you don't want to face
    That keeps disturbing your mind
    That keeps tormenting you, keeps you torturing you.....
    That makes you feel like in the deepest pit of your fears
    That fear remains locked up in that cage called your mind
    And the mind is no friend of anyone
    It amplifies those fears, those terrible sights
    Those things you never wished to see,
    I'm just telling you let go
    Let go of those those moments
    Because no one is responsible for those thoughts
    Only you.... Let go, strive to let go, try to be happy again unlock that cage that is filled with the dirtiest things, let the fresh water of happiness wash them all away.....

    LET GOO....

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    Let go