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    1. BTS' V becomes the first Asian to have four Instagram posts with over 17 million likes.

    2. Zayn Malik returns to Instagram after month-long hiatus.

    3. Samsung patents a laptop that folds over twice.

    4. Punjab logs 7,396 new covid-19 cases, 13 deaths; positivity at 20.76%

    5. Legendary kathak dancer Birju Maharaj dies at 83. Sincere condolences.

    6. Unseasonal rains to lash parts of Rajasthan,
    madhya pradesh, East uttar pradesh, and Bihar
    once again.

    7. Netflix raises prices for the sixth time since 2014.

    8. Indian anime fans want Jujutusu Kaisen O's
    theatrical release.

    9. Demon Slayer voice artist Natsuki Hanae self-isolates due to possible covid-19 close contact.

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    1. Musicians Have Shorter life Spans Than the General Population.

    2. Metallica is the First and Only Band to Have
    Played on All 7 Continents.

    3.Rod Stewart Hosted the Largest Ever Free

    4. Some People Feel Nothing Toward Music.

    5."Wanna Be" by The Spice Girls is the Catchiest Song of All Time.

    6. Music Affects Your Perception of the World.

    7.Listening to Music Utilizes the Entire Brain.

    8. A Song That Gets Stuck in Your Head is Called an Earworm.

    9.The Simpsons "Do the Bartman" Song Was
    Written by Michael Jackson.

    10. None of The Beatles Could Read or Write Music.

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    Sooye gor-e-ghareeban jab gayi zindoon ki
    basti sai To yu boli nazara daikh kar sehr-e- khamoshan ki
    Abhi araam sai laitai raho mai phir bhi aavungi Sula dugi jahan ko, khwab sai tumko jagavu gi

    ᵗʳᵃⁿˢˡᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ :
    When it reached the cemetery from the living's habitation
    Witnessing the spectacle of the cemetery it spoke thus
    Remain lying in comfort still, for come again shall I
    Make the whole world sleep and wake you up
    from the dream shall I


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    ☆Cabal: A group secretly united in a plot.


    • : Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro


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    What do we call a bee if it comes from America?
    A USB

    Do you want to know what's tomorrow?
    Not today.