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    Are we loyal to the planet

    Earth is our planet , our first home .Our life is dependent on it and we have been using its resources for our purposes.

    But are we loyal to our planet ?

    Our Environment has provided us with water, which we drink and use for the purposes and is vital for life.It has provided us with air , which we breath , is used by plants to produce food and is used for other technology works as well .It is another thing we consider vital for life.

    Our Earth is a home not only to us but to a large no of organisms as well. There are plants which provide us with food , Clean air and water ,woods ,fibre and a large number of things .

    There are animals who help maintain the food chain , contribute to the bio diversity and are helpful in many other ways.

    But tell me , how are we returning the favour? By cutting tress ? By killing Animals? By polluting water bodies , air and land ?

    UN report says that Climate change is one of the major challenges we are facing and in near future, India will be one of the most affected country by this .

    Let’s be responsible citizens and Children of this Country.We are the future of this country. We must take action.