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    The only friend

    John was a timid and shy fellow living in a narrow alley of crystal street. Well there are many street in old town, Johns street is special. It is the place where dreams fly and also the place where sorrow dwels. Once those who had big dreams now see despair in each others eyes. John was a boy of seventeen. He was working as a weaver in Sellsworth Shop. Every day he would come at 6 AM and work till 12 noon. After that, he would go to have lunch. Jannet usually ate with him. She was his only support. Being an orphan, John never had food to eat or house to sleep. He used to make dinner for Jannet's family in night. They were good friends and know eachother from a long time. John had ambitions of his own. Once during an afternoon meal, he proposed a business model to Jannet in order to increase the sales of Sellsworth shop exponentially. Being his only friend, Jannet listened to him calmly.