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    I wanted to write a lot of things but i forgot ^_^

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    I am not a logophile , but the eutony often calms my mind and helps me to sleep. Perhaps words are the string of 'faith' that binds my heart with mysteriach poetries .

    Poetry fascinates me. Sometimes he sobs with me like those 'frail' infants who cry when they see their mother crying and sometimes he encourages me to take the road that has never taken by anyone. Feelings born and die inside my heart . But he often takes those ashes to paint his words.

    He accepts my flaws and strengths like mother earth who loves both spring and fall. He draws my smiles and soaks my tears . I roam on the streets of endearment and in the dark alleys of heartaches holding his hands.

    We dance at the prom of art like those 18 year old highschooler. We share almost everything but we hide our stories. He is my abditory where i spend most of my time , but he doesn't know my name. I hide his love in the shell like a pearl in the ocean of my heart but the depth of his love is still unknown to me .

    We are lovers yet strangers.