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    Mourning the Alive

    In a dungeon I hid all
    the fragments of memories .
    I held to the bond of forever .
    I withered waiting ,leaves wilted
    And my stories rusted which
    I jotted together to narrate (to you) .

    Thee letters I preserved and
    Hid your tears in my heart.
    To keep your sins secret
    I bite my tongue every second.
    Your smile is a false illusion
    And I'm amazed how they fall for it.

    You never kept your words,
    I was always second and
    You first and yet you lied
    To world to have my back.
    You welcomed World in
    Your heart and I made
    Walls to keep others afar.

    I breath the smoke of our
    Hollow (maybe) love, which on
    surface bloomed like waterlily.
    This relationship suffers coma ;
    Dead inside, alive to the world.
    And I, unaware miss the sufferer .


    Dedicated to someone who is/was really close to my heart.

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    Mourning the Alive