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    If you happen to have a chance encounter
    with the girl who finds adventure
    not only in dragons, leprechauns and garden gnomes
    but in the metamorphosis of a caterpillar
    and survival stories of the plainest of folks.
    If you ever manage to stumble
    upon the boy who loves colour black
    but dreams in all shades of rainbow,
    who writes about the setting sun
    as if it's the only miracle he knows.
    If he tells you that the solar system
    is nothing but gases and rocks, light-years afar
    but whispers a wish under his breath
    whenever he witnesses a shooting star.
    If she tells you she believes in no airy-fairy crap
    but curiously checks the horoscope
    of herself, of yours and of everyone who matters
    and smiles at the tiniest ray of hope.

    If you ever find someone who saves a tear
    for every choice they can't make again.
    If you ever find someone who runs out of fingers
    once they start counting their blessings.

    If you find the person who believes in magic enough
    to dare to let the wild in. Keep them.
    Keep them closest to yourself.
    And if you can not keep them,
    atleast don't turn them into someone else.



    "Where there's kindness, there's goodness.
    And where there's goodness, there's magic."

    Happy Diwali, everyone. :) <3

    @mirakee @writersnetwork I'm grateful for your kind reposts. :)

    Although, this wasn't my best and I really don't feel it was even worth your while. But I sincerely appreciate this kind gesture.
    I'd consider it a Diwali gift. :P Thank-you so much. :) <3

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    All that glitters is gold.

    I think of what the world could be
    A vision of the one I see
    A million dreams is all it's gonna take.
    A million dreams for the world we're gonna make.

    - The Greatest Showman