• helpshark 83w

    The trout with self doubt

    Im out of my depth

    And I'm sure that I outta

    Not feel this way

    Like a fish out of water

    I have a rainbow its true

    And I do really like

    But I'd rather be a tench 

    Or a perch or a pike

    And hide in the shadows

    Away from the flurry

    The hustle, the bustle

    The fear and the worry

    But then a salmon swam up

    And said you are really quite cool

    I wish i had a rainbow

    When I was at school

    The trout with self doubt

    Was no longer depressed

    He had a multicoloured speedstripe

    That really impressed

    And with a heart full of gladness

    He swam and he swam

    And said i'm a rainbow trout and im proud

    Thats what I am....