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    Howdy fellow writers!
    Today, I have a phrase prompt challenge for you. Directions are as follows: write a piece (no more than 30 lines total), using the phrase "a clandestine greeting, behind closed doors" somewhere in the piece (but not as the title). The phrase is credited to my other self @lovenotes_from_carolyn.
    Please be sure that your submission is in accordance with Miraquill's Terms of Use regarding language, content, and plagiarism.

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: Be sure to use #cees_greet_chall in your caption area, for this challenge only.

    TAGGING: Please tag this account (not my main account), to your submission.

    DURATION: Submissions will be accepted up to 48 hours from the time of posting (currently 12:50 am, Eastern Standard time/u.s). The challenge is closed once it says "2d" in the upper right hand corner of this post.

    *Please support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    Happy writing!