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    This poem might b not good cause its my scattered true emotions without an order....... written in broken heartbeats

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    Might be
    Might not be

    Nights and days
    With sweetness and compliments
    Among confusions and rejections
    Jokes and melodic lullabies
    Ice creams fluorished within ones illusional yearnings
    Chocolates never left alone without a blending of cherry lips
    Sapphire diamonds tears adorned
    Chores masked away
    In moodiness
    Screams of helplessness within ones chambers
    While being afraid to give out an answer
    Within the translucent glasses
    But still bites and lips syncing
    Without yearning for another world
    Crieng when signals go away
    Torturing ones guardians to reput them
    So that you could go near that person again
    We'll meet someday
    Said yes
    But pushed inside ones stripping clothes of rooms
    With uttterly advices given out
    Never to say yes
    But a big firm no
    Translucent glasses given
    To check throughs ones privacy
    Without minding
    But now she does
    Cause she feels used
    And exhausted