• alltimefamished 17w

    Everyone praised him.
    Sang melodies with harmony.
    All about him.
    I heard them keenly, trying to find
    A flaw.
    Found none.
    He was great, handsome.
    A deep dimple on his cheek.
    Neatly trimmed beard
    And short hair.

    Eyes sparkled each time he smiled
    And hand shook the right way.
    Not less not more.

    First time when I met him,
    He was all good.
    Very courteous, extremely humble.

    Friendly family. Great gestures.
    All good but my heart didn't agree.
    It still craved for love I shared once
    With the man on his bed.
    It still reminded me of those
    Moments of love.
    I wanted time. To move on.
    They bought a person to move along.

    The day arrived.
    We got married.
    It was a good time.
    I had nothing to complaint.
    Yet felt incomplete.

    Everyone asked me
    If I have a good news
    To share.
    I had none. But I wanted to be asked.
    If was really happy.
    But no one asked.
    Because we presume
    Married life is always
    A good life.
    Except our share of unhappiness.