• the_frozenn_heart 9w

    Happiest and loveliest Birthday Sanam, may your pen splatter brightest of poems in abundance. You're one of the most brilliant writer and beautiful human I've came across here and you did melt this frozen heart into a heartsease. Thank you for always being there ❤️And the amount of support you give to everyone is impeccable. Your vocab what should I even say, almost half of the miraquill users learnt cwtch from you including me and it always reminds me of you, and your post enroute to find hope i.e. birthday dedication to Sid is my personal favourite. Much love :) and there's a failed attempt written below inspired by you.

    Enjoy your day


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    Life's, a potpourri

    I move in loops with velocity that
    of a rollercoaster before the
    blasphemy of life kicks me out of
    the solicitude circle,
    I've never breathed amidst triangles
    or rectangles before a pioneer lent
    oxygenated masks beneath my
    dark-shaded freckles.

    The morning newspaper scream
    in my palms and I'm relieved to see
    thousands of butterflies rescued
    out of flabbergasted stomachs,
    I don't want another ones to die so
    I restrain myself when a magician
    bring poetry to life, for me a miracle.

    I want to sail in peace when the
    morning sun is dragged behind
    horizons till evening and thunders
    settle to lower magnitude,
    a mariner impregnates me with
    hope in form of waves when I
    reach poetic shores and build a
    home in woods.

    ~she is the voice traced, to erase chaos,
    when humanity speaks through arrows.