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    The daily battle

    There is a war of mocking words going on inside me
    The nameless figurines lines up, I run and run to escape
    But not a thing moves except me

    There is a fire of appendix burst inside me
    The excruciating agony haunts me, I pour and pour water on it
    But nothing gets wet except my cheeks

    There is a creaking sound ringing inside me
    The devil's ethylic laughter slowly poisoning my soul, I fear and fear hiding behind the veil
    But nothing pacifies my storm except bringing me to the end of the rope

    There is a firefly buzzing around my ear invading my dreams
    I get hold of her and squeeze her tight, mapping my agony
    The dying ember, weak and painful
    But no light oozes out , neither her fading glimmer nor the light of my dusk.

    I wake up plunging into reality, sweat filled and shocked,
    Softly breathing into another tomorrow
    (Gathering the pale yellow petals that withered last night)


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    The daily battle