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    12 Sept 2021 3.55 pm

    / Happy Birthday RM /
    REAL _ _ _ to _ _ _ ME ♡

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    ✾// REALity ReinflaME

    REALity tastes like mirthful molten mint
    chips, crusty crunch
    Moth-eaten mauve parchments,
    maggots munching on mnesic nerves

    It looks like a battleground turned burial
    in nemoral necropolis
    Nuances mackle, foggy fuliginous
    and bromous boulevards

    It sounds like atrabilious antinomes
    and bickering blore
    Clangouring cacophonies draining dulcet
    and prodding eardrums

    It smells like rotting gleed in
    moisture moulding mansion mounts
    Nocent whiffs of hazy chloroform
    haunting olfactory organs

    It feels like a throbing touch of
    purgatory pyre, hellish hues ablaze
    Which tolerance and repentance,
    reward a sense of peiskos reinflaME

    // Warring yet Worth it
    Repulsive yet Rewarding //