• njram6 62w

    Unsolved paradox

    Mysteries about the space no one can explain
    Organisms evolved into other like a chain
    Unsolved paradox ,how life started in our earth?
    "Premordial soup" that brought life is that a myth?

    Oh you ruling my subconscious mind at night
    What is the purpose you serve,dream plays so quiet
    Neuron on flame what's the origin of your birth?
    Even premordial soup brought life is a myth!

    Travelling behind and far is it possible?
    Wormhole concept! Is that a way accessable
    Is future human one among us? Hold on faith!
    Premordial soup brought the life will be a myth!

    Atoms of opposite charges bonds a matter
    Cancels each other to create antimatter
    Universe with matter seen many formation
    Where did antimatter goes? Earth on production!

    What is beyond the azul spread? A black universe?
    Billion of light years can't explain the diverse
    Where's the end? Robotics stop in some direction
    Resting in my abode with plenty of questions!

    Blue sphere! How do you look like before the big bang?
    Will quantum physics describe your laws before clang?
    What's south of South pole! "Bang" brings mind an explotion
    Holding my abode with plenty of these questions

    Escaping from it is highly impossible
    Compact mass deforms, black hole is detectable
    Gulping all!what happens inside it's dense core path?
    Premordial soup will it be proved life "a myth"?

    Pioneering work on these is a mammoth task
    Umpteen are they ,over the mystery we bask
    Hovering on it, a kind of relaxation!
    Tenting my abode betwixt plenty of questions
    © njram6

    La'Rimoto poem:

    The La'ritmo, created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 8 4-line stanzas. Each line MUST contain 12 syllables.

    Rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb ccbB ddbB eeff ggfF hhfF iibB jjfF

    The repetition of 4th line in each stanza can either be an exact repetitive line, or a variation with the exact same end-rhyme word.

    The form was created by me, Laura Lamarca, but was officially named by Chandni Hingorani. "La" is Laura Lamarca's signature and "ritmo" in Italian, simply means "rhythm".

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    Unsolved Paradox