• harsh77 12w


    Sometimes i look at to the sky
    And wishing to meet you once
    We promise to never leave
    I was wishing to never break that
    After long time, i received postcard
    Your initials on it, after reading it
    I was having like infinity crying and smiling
    Whats was written in postcard you must be wondering?
    " Hey i know you miss me
    i know after watching my pic of screenshot you want to kiss me,
    I know i did wrong with you
    babe i know how much i mean to you
    Maybe i was not in this world when you recieved this post card, I've became a star, that we were always talked about. Behind this page i left my lips print which you always wanted to kiss
    Be successful in your life babe that all i wanted to see♥️
    "I Love you"