• prakashinin 17w

    Letter to my younger self.

    Hello, my dear child hood,
    First of all l would like to thank you because you are still some how manage to hang on the wall of my heart.How much burden I have been putting on your shoulders along your long journey till date. I know I am not fully responsible for it.The society on the whole is to be blamed. I can only appreciate you because now I understand that what the word growing is
    meant for a human . Actually they are getting out of their real self.They have to undergo so many ordeals along the journey. In the early age of child hood everything seems to be a fun .There is nothing to gain or lose . Each day you live a new life. You would not be a product of yesterday.All the animals,birds and even the ants and fireflies were your playmates.The ditches and ponds had their shares to make your days.. Every now and then all these things reborn in my mind
    because of the touching stimuli make their vibrations there.