• deannarabb 65w

    Bad Female Dog

    So you wanna be a bad bitch
    Shake your but and walk with a switch
    Well your soul gonna be shaking it in hell
    Acting so worldly
    Your heart weighs of a whale
    You like inticing everyone's man
    You allow those demons
    To do the best they can
    To control your actions
    And make you think that it's cute
    You'll never see your heaven
    Because you gave Maat the boot
    It's twerk all day to get your money
    So when your body dies
    You'll be feeling real funny
    The world, yes they fooled you
    Into being a succubus
    You think it's cool
    To smoke and drink and cuss
    And call yourself a bitch
    And a bad one at that
    Why would you disrespect yourself like that
    Just try being a good woman
    And put the substances down
    Try shaking your butt in private
    Without other people around
    Don't be influenced by other women
    With such low self esteem
    Who let men do whatever
    Just to stay up on the scene
    Throw away your bad attitude
    Stop allowing men to treat you rude
    Because it's not righteous
    To act the way you do
    Like a bad female dog
    That fleas and ticks persue