• shreyakheal 48w

    From the pov of those who fell for their bestfriend but never tell them because they are afraid that what even the slightest time they spend together will vanish.
    So they listen their best friend's brag about his/her crush or lover with their fake smile and hurt sighs.
    Well it's a sacrifice they do for the sake of their forever Friendship and I respect that. ❤️❤️.

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    He:- what's the best feeling?

    She:- when you fell in love with someone.

    He:- and what's the worst?

    She:- when they don't.

    He:- who do you love?

    She:- Someone who can never be mine.
    So who do you love?

    He:- someone who loves me not.

    She:- who is it?

    He:- nah forget it.
    (We both are in the same vessel but I hurt more as I
    watch my love crying for the one
    for her unrequited love
    For the one who love her not.)