• jophin 20w

    I can't forget.

    I can't forget,
    watching, the old country band play,
    as it didn't sound, any radio that day,
    one that's heard, from someplace far away,
    when you see, many having their zest,
    drowning in each other, within their fest.

    While their music made rhythmic waves,
    with lyrics, sailing on, everyone's mind,
    it takes you, through mountains, lake and riverside,
    for me, it's a rustic sweet life.

    I can't forget,
    watching, the old country band play,
    all their favourite verses, from yesterday,
    filling in feelings, nostalgic, throughout the day,
    and you see folks, cheering in old ways,
    holding each other, like in their happy days.

    While their music made aesthetic waves,
    with lyrics, synching in, everyone's soul,
    in meadows, farms and blue sky,
    getting everyone, across country life.

    And as the beats travelled across,
    from one heart to another, that day,
    I can't forget, the old country band play,
    those beautiful songs, that made my day.
    © Jophin Kulangara 12 Sep 2021