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    Sitting in bus filled with people, who just want to go about their lives, wishing to fulfill their own individual wishes. I wonder if all of them wish to build a galaxy, of radiating stars warming a hundred planets filled with life, like I do..
    I peer at the person who doesn't wear a mask and wonder what makes him so callous? Is he really callous or is he just someone who is overly optimistic? Or is it just that he is pessimistic and feels there's no point?
    Am I being the one who is at the wrong here? Could he be someone who has breathing problems and can't bear to wear the mask because it'll cause him suffocation?

    Is it just me or do I overthink a lot?

    Is that why all of a sudden I'm thinking, "if this is how I overthink about a person not wearing a mask and his reasons (I couldn't bring myself to sit next to him too.. I was rooted to the spot overthinking my next move) then what about a girl who is inappropriately touched by someone all of a sudden? What if she's paralysed by something much worse?

    "Did he touch me purposively?"
    "Or am I in the wrong?"
    "Did I do something to warrant such a horrible experience?"
    "How did I end up here?"
    "What would others think if I shouted now?"
    "Would they blame me and side with him or would they understand me?"

    I probably should have asked him to wear a mask anyway, sat down and rested my legs.

    She probably should have defended herself in a way that he would be set as an example, for the world to see.

    But here we are.. us flawed humans who overthink ourselves out of existence. Flawed?

    I should probably stop.. this overthinking.. but should I really?

    //Where did the blackhole in my galaxy come from? Why are the stars revolving around it?//

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