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    /The words in brackett are by Farouq Jwaydeh/


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    'I love her.'

    She is a hope in abandoned house,
    zenith followed by solace. A refuge
    for both demons and madness with
    freckles of insanity that glow her face.

    She is warrior of the kingdom which
    stand on rues of eternity. An angel
    of history, painted in lavenders that
    grow out of her kingdom's felicity.

    Her brown orbs radiate warmth as if
    the sun is reflecting on honey creaking
    from pine. She is the melody of ocean,
    murmuring to the other side of moon.

    /And if devil was to ever see her, he'd
    kiss her eyes and repent/

    She is the classics of 1870s, the soft
    patters of winters. She is wind that
    gushes through the windows, a bird
    who chirps peace to your nerves.

    You say you love her, but do you?
    The way she does,
    as dusk kisses the stars to sleep and
    as prairies who sing for dawn to keep
    him accompany.