• pocketsmile 160w

    Lonely morning shivers poems

    I see verses in a cloud today
    In the sea of pallid blues
    Circling round the filthy sun
    So lackluster of their hues

    I heard the rhymes in the wind today
    In a crowd of wayward ghosts
    They were cursing in their breaths
    As I sang from distant coasts

    I smell the metaphors in the sunshine today
    In a silence that was screaming
    Echoing with bygone scents
    Of the early morning that had me dreaming

    I taste the syllables in drops of past rain
    In petals of frangipani, I tread their way
    Down south to take back the mountain's kiss
    That had binged them from my mouth

    I feel spaces between the bathos of words
    With begging arms of tree trunks that long to
    Hold me in embrace, all I've left is bound and
    Bordered by the lining of their faces

    The bonds are knitted by threads of truth
    The rope they braid is the eternity
    For I'll use them to descend
    Down the soil that swallowed them


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    Thank you so much @mirakee for this repost ��
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