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    Nostalgic Notions
    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Nostalgia got me going
    On a voyage through my mind
    Now I'm fondly reminiscing
    While my past is on rewind

    I'm ridin' waves of whimsy
    On the sea of memories
    As the visions I hold dear
    Start blowin' past me like a breeze

    All the people that I love
    All the moments, good or bad
    Treasured times with both my parents
    Hey, I love you mom and dad!

    Things I thought had been forgotten
    Are safe and sound, inside my head
    Like the first time that I saw you
    And everything we did and said

    It's a never-ending ocean
    It's a timeless reverie
    It's the fabric of our lives
    The sweetest serendipity

    Yeah, nostalgia got me going
    On a voyage through my mind
    Gonna savor every memory
    While my past is on rewind.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 9/26/2021

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