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    Happy Halloween everyone!

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    by Carolyn Glackin
    At the witching hour
    On All Hallows Eve
    The truth will be tested
    What will you believe?

    In the hours before dawn
    'Neath the blood moon's glow
    So merrily a-haunting
    We all shall go

    And the best part of all
    Is the masquerade
    Where all sorts of folks
    Like to promenade

    But whom to admire?
    And whom to abhor?
    Perhaps we'll find out
    But hold on, there's much more

    Such a dreadful delight,
    This grand, masked affair
    With an attitude
    Of "devil may care"

    Where sometimes the truth
    Is a mirrored illusion
    And we become tasked
    With discerning delusion

    There's a witches brew
    Of which some do partake
    But I urge you - abstain!
    For it would be a mistake

    There's a siren's song
    That will reel you right in
    But it's lurid beauty
    Fully steeps you in sin

    There's duplicitous demons
    Whose webbed words oft ensnare
    Close your ears and don't listen
    To their shrewd savoir faire

    You may glimpse but a handful
    Of the most gallant knights
    Who protect and defend
    Every innocent's rights

    Honor bound by this duty
    They bear it with pride
    They're not easy to spot
    Though with us, they reside

    There's a wizard or two
    Always veiled by a curtain
    Though they aren't seen or heard
    They run things, for certain

    There's the young and the old
    There are those from all nations
    Every color and creed
    Make up our foundation

    Some come to get lost
    Some come to be found
    Some like to be ghosts
    Never making a sound

    There are lunatics here
    From time to time
    Wreaking havoc amongst us
    Without reason or rhyme

    And knowing who's hiding
    Behind every mask
    Can be quite confusing
    It's a mind boggling task

    But never mind that
    Just enjoy the parade
    To your own self, be true
    And you'll never be swayed

    Oh, and here, all are welcome
    So please join us within
    Happy haunting, my dearies
    May the fun now begin!
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 10/31/2020