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    I've seen women,
    Stronger than Tsunami waves,
    Softer than volcanic ashes.

    They had hearts of gold,
    Hands of steel,
    and a smile of million dollars.

    They were fantasized by men,
    For their indian curves,
    And beauty of Greece goddess.

    Their faces lit like thousands fireflies,
    Sweeter than honey,
    Calmer than sunflowers.

    They cried pretty easy,
    and cared enough to not share,
    the things they were sensitive off.

    They remain silent when impatient,
    They stood like mangroves before sea,
    For the things they found right.

    They were the inspiration for the paintings,
    They were loved and hated,
    They were respect and played.

    They wore sarees of silk,
    Sometimes kurtas of pashmina,
    Self respect was their favourite accessory.

    Ohky.... Once I asked suggestions for writing. Writing about a painting was one of them suggested by my very dear friend @secondchild ,
    I don't know I could do justice with the craft but I tried.
    Thankyou for such a wonderful suggestion Akash...

    Also about the lines I wrote,
    This is a visualisation of an Indian woman, I just tried to portray it in words. Hope you guys would like this as well.

    About the painting,
    Ohky the exciting part is, the painting is one of my favourites from a very famous painters of all times and I guess we all have heard of him.

    The very first modern painter of India,
    Raja Ravi Verma.
    Writing of him, a general idea as he was the first to start painting dieties in India commercially. Those times paintings were part of rich and luxurious culture thus he installed a printing press inside his house so that these paintings reach every ordinary citizen. He was also the first to start using oil paintings in india. His works are held to be among the best examples of the fusion of European techniques with a purely Indian sensibility.

    A movie named Rang Rasiya starring Randeep Hooda struck the cinemas in 2014. He beautifully played the character of Raja Ravi Verma. The movie though controversial was a classic.
    Hope you'll like the piece and initiative.

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    They stood like mangroves before sea,
    For the things they found right.