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    In the shadow of the night, the dark blue sky was scattered with stars of all sizes, most dimmer and few brighter, and the crescent moon also flashing dim light in the sky. It was a moonless high wind night in the city of Geria.

    The city shadowed by white snow and dark clouds filled with thousand people has become almost a silent city, only the bloodcurdling scream of the remaining citizens as they watch their family being beheaded and left for the black crows filled the air, and the harsh sound and bleak cawing of the black crows slice through the dead silence.

    In the shadow of the night, she didn’t dare look and smell the air, as the air was filled with rustic scent of blood and the head of her people. She shake her head trying to get out of the trance state she was, but her head was filled with the bloodcurdling scream of her people as they watch their loved one die and their home taken away.

    She became a lone soul in her own land, and her eye lacked both stormy waves and swelling water it once had. Neither joyful or sad, the depth of her eyes hid a terrifying expression as she blame her self with her head down unable to face the dead bodies of her people. Lamenting to the gods with a chaotic heart, listening to the wind as it flutter her hair, silently waiting for her time to come to an end.

    That day, that night, before the fall of Geria, there was a different, natural phenomenon, the whole sky changed to grey color, rainbows which rarely came out spread out, which only mean an auspicious moment is about to befall them but she ignored the warnings from the gods which leads to the fall of Geria.

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