• lunarrainbow 23w

    Douchebag blues

    Living in strife,
    Well, that's apart of life
    But if I can't be your loverboy than yo hell with nice!

    I got the douchebag blues
    Lord I just don't know what to do.

    I sold dynamite to the Arabs,
    Bullets to the Jews,
    False land to the Indians
    And I'll get you too!

    All because ..
    I got the douchebag blues.
    Can't ya see?
    I got the douche bag blues..
    Without you baby, I don't know who else to be.

    Vinegar and whiskey,
    The drink that I choose
    I gotta tell ya brothers
    Tastes like pussy juice!

    When ya got the douchbag blues.

    Time flies when you're in a coma...