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    Hey Everyone!
    Hope so Everyone is Fine����
    I wasn't active a few days due to Overthinking.
    Never having an Idea for what to write about
    So I Started up writing My life of overthinking.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    A tormenting stab
    An author of Insomnia
    Crucifying my Dreams
    Eradicating my sleep.

    Tangled now and again
    It enervates my breath
    Occurrences happened or none
    Mind is busy engaged in chaos.

    The Odyssey is pathetic or Cheerful
    Monopolized with "If's" and "Shoulds"
    Sill and all deducing for how to stop overthinking
    Ruminating, Parenting a Loop which constantly leaps.

    A crucial need is to replace my Thoughts
    Become self-aware and habbit my brain
    To discern the world with different perspective
    Invest less time in my head, will wipe out maximum Albatross.

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