• in_fragments 14w

    Alive in Ice

    With an ice cave for a body, I thrive
    inside my bones when they're covered in freeze.
    The other's think me cold, but I'm alive,
    truths etched in my veins on an embraced breeze,
    comfortable and safe, no need to share
    when icicles like stars threaten to drive
    themselves into faces and melt into hair,
    I walk alone, piercing and icy stride...

    Do not thaw me to put yourself at ease;
    cold and noble, you want a warm coward,
    I'll hold your hands in negative degrees
    and watch them glaciate, blue all over-
    you can't take it, and I can weaponize
    myself, fingers like ice picks in your eyes
    as I scoop them and twist, they pop and rise
    out of hot sockets- to their sharp demise...

    Easily forgotten, stronger than flame-
    not beautiful, I'm durable, seizing
    blood and ice to obliterate your shame;
    while you die, your sightless red lies ceasing,
    expiring from the heat of your own blame,
    my soul rests, vindicated and freezing...